WELCOME and WELCOME BACK! We’re super excited for the season so without further ado here is the training schedule for Michaelmas 2017: N.B. This schedule is subject to change so please check the pinned post on our Facebook group as well!

Monday: 08.30-09.30: Indoors (alternate men’s and women’s), Iffley Road Sports Centre hall
Monday: 18:00-20:00: Mixed Invite only*, Cheney Field
Wednesday: 07:00-08:30: Whole club outdoors, University Parks *From 6th week (15th Nov) this will move to Iffley Road Astro Turf*
Wednesday: 17:00-18:00: Whole club track, Iffley Road Sports Centre athletics track
Thursday: 08.30-10:00: Whole club indoors, Iffley Road Sports Centre hall
Saturday: 10:30-12:00: Mixed invite only* indoors, Iffley Road Sports Centre hall
Saturday: 14:00-16:00: Whole club outdoors, Uni Parks

* These sessions are for more experienced players – get in touch with either of our captains if you are interested in coming to these. As the season goes on we will be looking to invite some hard working newer players to join.


The OW! calendar will be updated soon and can be found here: