OW Update – “Not” uni mixed nationals

Congratulations OW for a great performance at “not” uni mixed nationals. We finished 11th having started the day seeded 20th which is amazing jump up the ranks. 🎉🎉

We’d like to give special mention to our alumni who played this weekend. You’ve been a massive part of our club (some longer than others 😉) and are leaving us now with some great memories, not least this weekend. So from OW, a big thank you to

  • Aidan Reynolds
  • Ed Miller
  • Grace Manley
  • Harry Mason
  • James Famelton
  • May Lim
  • Nick Sim
  • Phili Kent

Can’t wait to see you all beat Cambridge again at alumni varsity! 😍👌

We’d also like to give a special mention to Alistair White-Horne, Jia Jhing, Mahati Garimella, for absolutely smashing it this weekend! Well played 👏

We’ve all missed playing competitive ultimate and the team spirit from spending a weekend together. We can all agree that finally getting back to playing a tournament felt amazing. Thank you to everyone involved and we look forward to seeing you again at preseason.