September 2022 Update

We will be running 2 taster sessions at the start of michaelmas term, which will be completely open to all, no matter your ability:

2-4pm Saturday 8th October @ Uni Parks (at the gate near Keble)
2-4pm Sunday 9th October @ Uni Parks (at the gate near Keble)

Please come along if you’re interested in giving frisbee a go, we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

OW! 2021-2022 Season

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the website but that doesn’t mean our seasons been quiet, in fact it’s been anything but that. Here’s one big post summarising all of our results and best moments from the 2021-2022 season!


Regionals: Our indoor season this year began as one of the best ever! We managed to qualify all three teams to nationals; womens, mixed and men’s with the men’s team going to division 1!

Nationals: We continued the streak of brilliant results with the women’s team finishing 12th at div 2, beating seed and the men’s team coming an amazing 6th place starting all the way at the bottom as the 20th seed in div 1! Finally we played mixed div 2 were we finished a respectable 10th, just missing out on the top bracket.

Outdoor BUCS

BUCS league: Both the men’s and women’s team this year competed in the BUCS league. The men’s team won 4 and lost 3 games and the women qualified for div 2 nationals!

Women’s Nationals: The women continued their form into nationals, braving some very difficult cold weather but persevering and playing some really nice ultimate!


Varsity 2021-2022 was one to remember! We took over 30 players to Cambridge to compete over the weekend in both indoors and outdoors fixtures!

Indoor Varsity: We had multiple teams compete this year at indoor varsity, two men’s teams, two women’s teams and one mixed team. We had some great match ups with the Cambridge, with the women’s second winning their match, the women’s first playing a tightly contested game and the men’s first losing on universe.

Outdoor varsity: We had four teams compete at outdoor varsity, two men’s teams, one women’s and one mixed team. The women’s team opened up the fixtures with a close game against the Cambridge women. The men then player after, with the seconds winning their match and the men’s first sadly again losing an epic game on universe. Finally we finished with the mixed were team put up a good fight but unfortunately lost.

Congratulations to Cambridge, they were incredible and got the better of us in some close fought games. Next year the fixtures will be in Oxford and we will be ready to reclaim our trophies!


Logo: We updated our logo this year, it’s a just a slightly modern take on the current logo! We had multiple designs which went to a club vote and this is the final design!

Stash: We also managed to get new kit this year thanks to the hard work of our stash officer Kate. They had to deal with some fairly troublesome shipping issues due to Covid but the kit made it’s way to Oxford and we are excited to rep it next year!

Oxford Ultimate

In UK Ultimate there is large club scene and fortunately in Oxford, along side OW! there is a a local club team; Oxford Ultimate. Many of our players simultaneously play for both, representing Oxford in indoor and outdoor tournaments, both at regional and national level!


If you want to get involved in ultimate this upcoming year, make sure to join our Facebook group and give our Instagram a follow! Trainings will be restarting typically around late September as people return to Oxford for term.

Facebook group:


If you are around in Oxford over summer and want to play ultimate, then feel free to join the Oxford Ultimate page and come to the club trainings which happen year round (the coaching is very good). The club is very happy to have new players/beginners come to training so by all means please join the group.

Oxford Ultimate:

OW! – October Update

Wow, what a month October has been for OW!. Let’s see some of the highlights! Firstly thank you to everyone who attended the taster session. We had over 150 people come try ultimate which is fantastic! Thank you to everyone who came and especially to new players who’ve joined OW! Our club is the biggest it’s been for a long time and we love it 💙

We also recently had the Oxford Hat which went amazingly! Again the turnout was huge, everyone got to play lots of ultimate and meet new people. Thank you to everyone who attended, we hope you had a great time. A special thank you to everyone who helped organise it!

As we’ve mentioned our club has never been bigger but it’s also never been busier. We have our weekly club outdoor trainings where we’ve played some high quality ultimate despite the rough weather in Oxford ⛱. We have our first and second mixed indoor team training regularly, preparing for mixed indoor regionals on the 6th of November and our women’s trainings every Friday morning with our amazing coach Mags, similarly preparing for women’s outdoor regionals.

The great news is November is only going to get busier with lots of ultimate, tournaments and socials. We look forward to seeing you all ✊


2021 OW Training Schedule/Update

We are currently midway through freshers week with lot’s of frisbee upcoming. In the following month we have,

  • Taster sessions: Saturday & Sunday (9th &10th October) at university parks near Keble.
  • Weekly indoor and outdoor training: Starting from WEEK 1 (from the 11th of October).
  • Beginner’s College Training (17th of October).
  • Oxford Hat Tournament (24th of October, sign-up

We also have club socials planned weekly throughout Michaelmas term, see the term card provided by our amazing social secs Matt and Seren.

Social media

Follow our Facebook page for regular OW updates:

Join our Facebook group for training information:

Follow our Instagram page:


OW Update – “Not” uni mixed nationals

Congratulations OW for a great performance at “not” uni mixed nationals. We finished 11th having started the day seeded 20th which is amazing jump up the ranks. 🎉🎉

We’d like to give special mention to our alumni who played this weekend. You’ve been a massive part of our club (some longer than others 😉) and are leaving us now with some great memories, not least this weekend. So from OW, a big thank you to

  • Aidan Reynolds
  • Ed Miller
  • Grace Manley
  • Harry Mason
  • James Famelton
  • May Lim
  • Nick Sim
  • Phili Kent

Can’t wait to see you all beat Cambridge again at alumni varsity! 😍👌

We’d also like to give a special mention to Alistair White-Horne, Jia Jhing, Mahati Garimella, for absolutely smashing it this weekend! Well played 👏

We’ve all missed playing competitive ultimate and the team spirit from spending a weekend together. We can all agree that finally getting back to playing a tournament felt amazing. Thank you to everyone involved and we look forward to seeing you again at preseason.


2021 OW Update – Committee

As we prepare for the upcoming season, we’d like to begin by introducing the committee for the 2021-2022 season.


  • Kay Song (Women’s Captain)
  • Grisel Revia (Women’s Vice)
  • Luka Nedic (Men’s Captain)
  • Tom Morris (Men’s Vice)
  • Mateo Galdeano Solans (President)
  • Jonas Schuff (Secretary)
  • Allister White-Horne (Treasurer)
  • Kate Maurer-Song (Stash Officer)
  • Seren Atkinson (Social Sec)
  • Matt Strutton (Social Sec)
  • Kieran Moore (Spirit Officer)
  • Mahati Garimella (Welfare Officer)
  • James Famelton (Alumni Rep)

We have a huge season of ultimate planned and upcoming. See you soon for pre-season 😉


2020 COVID-19 Return to Play update

OW will be returning to play in Michaelmas 2020. We are in the process of finalising our return to play plans with the Oxford sports federation to unsure that it is a safe return to ultimate.

All the details about taster sessions and training times will be posted as soon as they are ready. Please join our mailing list or facebook group to be kept up to date.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the President or for COVID-19 specific questions you can contact the our COIVD officer also.

2019 OW! Taster Sessions

We have two ultimate frisbee taster sessions at the start of Michaelmas term. These are open to anyone who wants to try ultimate frisbee for the first time! Anyone is welcome, please come along!

Saturday 12th October 14.00-15.30 @ Angel & Greyhound Meadows (next to Magdalen bridge)

Sunday 13th October 14.00-15.30 @ Angel & Greyhound Meadows

For more information on our training schedule over the year, see the training page.

AGM 2019: The new committee and awards!

We held our annual general meeting and dinner on the 10th May. It was a super fun night, where we also discussed some motions and elected a new club committee, as well as awarded half-blues, colours and awards.

We’re pleased to announce the OW! committee for 2019-20:

En May Lim, President
Josephine Carnegie, Secretary
Grace Manley, Treasurer
Edelweiss Ng, Female Squad Captain
Ben Moseley, Male Squad Captain
Laura Ann Bull, Women’s Vice Captain
Hayato Kaneda, Men’s Vice Captain
James Famelton, Welfare Officer
Phili Kent, Stash Master & Social Secretary
Matt Buckland, Social Secretary
TBC, College Coordinator
Matt Butler, Outreach Officer

In addition, the following non-committee roles that were elected:

James Famelton, Spirit Officer
Andrew Bunting, Alumni Rep

Congratulations to the following players for receiving Half Blues:

Joyce Kwok
Phili Kent
Sofia Contino
Grace Manley
En May Lim
Kiyomi Ran
Enzia Schnyder
Andrew Bunting
Bill Kroeger
Matt Butler
Rob Freeman
Tim Teoh
Harry Mason
Jeff Sload

And the recipients of First Team Colours:

Sydney Vennin
Edelweiss Ng
Dani Munro
Gladys Lee
Hayato Kaneda
Ryan Friets
James Mason
James Famelton
Wing Chung

As always, following the AGM we presented the end of year awards. Congratulations to the winners:

Phili Kent, Female MVP & Joyce Kwok Excelsior Award
Matt Butler, Male Most Valuable Player
Catherine Evans, Female Most Improved Player
Ryan Friets, Male MIP
Josephine Carnegie, Female Fresher of the Year
Hayati Kanada, Male FOTY
Jeff Sload & Harry Mason, Best On-Pitch Connection
Jeff Sload, Funniest On-Pitch Moment
Steph Jordan, Funniest Off-Pitch Moment & Jake Marrus Visiting Student Award for Best Chat, Best Bant, Best Frisbee and Biggest Lad
Kiyomi Ran, Russell Petry SPIRIT Award
Enzia Schnyder, Sarah-Jane Rodgers Absolute Babe Award
Harry Mason, Spirit Beacon
James Famelton, Most Dedicated Driver

A big thanks to everyone for a great year of ultimate! Thank you for coming to trainings regardless of the weather or time of day, bringing your all and making it so much fun. It’s been fantastic to see the growth in everyone’s skills and confidence over the year. We wish the best of luck to anyone who’s leaving Oxford this summer (you’re always welcome back), and for the rest of you: see you on the pitch next year!

OW! 2018/19 Pre-season fitness guide

“Just playing ultimate is not enough. To really improve your game, you need to build your strength, core and flexibility off of the pitch.”

OW! will soon start training for another epic year of ultimate. We have some big goals ahead of us: Indoors, Mixed Outdoors, BUCS and more.

We all know it. Fitness is important for playing ultimate.

Whether it means hitting the gym or training in the park, this pre-season fitness guide should give you some prompts and top tips on how to raise your game before and during the 2018/19 OW! season, by doing some ultimate-specific fitness training.




First up, strength and flexibility. Both are important for ultimate. The static exercises below are great for ultimate. Type them into YouTube if you’re not sure what they are.

  1. LEG STRENGTHENING. squats, split-squats, box step-ups, squat jumps, lunges. Nordic hamstring curls, leg curls, calf raises.
  2. PUSH-PULL EXERCISES. bench press, shoulder press, push-ups, pull-ups, tricep dips, dumbbell rows.
  3. HIP EXPLOSION. kettle bell swings, hang-cleans, deadlifts, single leg deadlifts.
  4. Plank, Russian twists, bicycle crunches, leg raises, rollouts, raised leg single squats, supermans, burpees, sit-ups.
  5. Stretching: focus on hip extension, hamstrings, shoulders, glutes, quads, calves, ankles.



Second, endurance and agility. Better ultimate players work on both of these. The majority of the exercises below don’t need any equipment: the park is the best place to try them!

  1. SHUTTLE RUNS: Try high intensity, short interval training. Try 10 x 180 degree turns in 30 s of sprinting, and then 90 secs of rest. Repeat 10 times.
  2. LEARN HOW TO SPRINT: Sprinting is a core part of the game, yet few players practice it. Practice: A,B,C skips, driving your arms, increasing your cadence, taking shorter steps, leaning forward, correcting your shin angle, correcting your breathing, running uphill.
  3. AGILITY DRILLS: Practice your footwork (e.g. on agility ladder): shuffles & skips. Practice your turning, core engagement, and jumping.






Pick a few of the exercises above (not all of them!) and try a workout!

If you’re just beginning and are not sure what to do, here’s two example weeks to try:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Squat jumps 4 sets x 8 reps

Assisted push-ups 4 sets x 8 reps

Leg raises 3 sets x 8 reps

Front plank 3 sets x 30 secs

Bicycle crunches 3 sets x 30 secs


REST 400 m jog warmup

A,B skips x 200 m each

Shuttle runs 6 x 180 degree turns in 20 s of sprinting, then 90 secs of rest. Repeat 8 times.

Warm down


REST Box-step ups 4 sets x 8 reps

Calf raises 4 sets x 8 reps

Single leg deadlifts 4 sets x 8 reps

Burpees 3 sets x 8

Supermans 3 sets x 30 s





Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
400 m jog warmup

Agility: Skater skips 3 sets x 10, Practice turns x 10 each side, Practice jumps from two/ single legs

10 x 50 m straight sprints, focusing on good running form

Warm down



REST Longer stretching session REST Split squats 4 sets x 10

Assisted pull-ups 3 sets x 5

Russian twists 3 sets x 30 secs

Leg raises 3 sets x 8 reps





  • For each static workout, we recommend picking 3-4 exercises and trying 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps.
  • For each dynamic workout, try to get a minimum of 30 mins of high intensity exercise in.
  • Gradually build up the number and intensity of the exercises with each workout as you progress.
  • We recommend 1-2 fitness sessions a week for beginners, and 2-3 sessions for advanced players. But listen to your body – allow it time to rest!



“Prevention of injuries is key. By working out, you reduce your chance of injury.”

Being able to manage injury well is critical for your long-term ultimate career. We want minimal injuries over the 2018/19 OW! season. Below are some top tips on how to prevent and cope with injury.

  • Be injury-savvy. Prevention is key, and a simple relationship is:


Working out for ultimate lowers your risk of injury.



  1. Don’t play injured. See a doctor and get the right diagnosis.
  2. Recover and build strength. Don’t just aim for your original level of fitness, aim to be stronger than before. This reduces your chances of the same injury reoccurring.
  3. Patience. Take one day at a time, look at what you can achieve from each workout.
  4. Positivity & perspective. Our mental game affects all other parts of our game. Be grateful you can come back, learn from your injury, and, eventually, don’t let your past injuries hold you back.




A good diet is vital when playing any sport.

Many ultimate players don’t realise how much fuel their bodies need to keep up with the sport.



Are you eating enough for ultimate?

A three hour OW! training session or a 40 min workout could easily burn 600+ calories. Make sure your body is able to cope!

Have a read of this article on nutrition for ultimate.


Other help: contact the OW! Welfare Officers.